Brave Crashing When Importing Data From Firefox



I’m on a fully-patched late-2014 MacBook Pro running the latest release of MacOS. I downloaded Brave, installed the LastPass extension, and logged into LastPass. I then went to import my data from Firefox. I clicked the import button with all options (bookmarks, cookies, etc.) selected. It ran for a few seconds, then the browser crashed completely and Apple’s error report mechanism kicked in. I went back and did a screen recording to show you, but when I tried to upload it, your javascript said you don’t accept quicktime format. Arrgh.


Thanks for reporting @billhorvath,

There’s an issue logged for this. Added your +1 and you can track the progress here

Maybe you can try to import the browser data separately? Like only import bookmarks first, then after done try to import other data? :slight_smile:


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