Brave Crashing VERY often

I’ve seen a few threads already discussing crashing and that it appears its quite the problem. I am experiencing it a lot. Sometimes several times per minute.

Before I delve into what I’m doing when it crashes, the settings arena looks a bit like this, brave rewards is enabled, I am using no additional extensions from the chrome store, not signed into google.

From what I can tell, the crashes have only happened when clicking a link or going back/forward to previous pages. When I click a link or refresh a page, it is crashing quite often. Even trying to access the website has been returning the following error to me most times when I have tried to access the site and it will subsequently crash upon trying to refresh the page after clearing cookies (but will work after starting brave up again): redirected you too many times.


This is my first post in these community forums. I don’t know why but access this page has been very difficult. I tried to open the link to this forum in the sidebar of the brave reddit and that would crash brave when trying to open in a new tab or it would return the above error.

I have had a streaming site open most of the time (twitch or watching streams or shows, and I regularly have 30+ tabs open usually in atleast 3 individual brave windows. I updated yesterday I believe and it has only gotten worse as I’ve continued to use this 0.55.13 build. There is never a crash report box shown to me and I don’t know how to view crash reports if there is a logged file somewhere. Let me know if I can provide anymore details.

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Yeah, the first couple beta builds were absolutely perfect, but since 0.55.11 it’s been crashing with unbelievable frequency. It’s a good thing I guess.

Agreed. I haven’t been using the Beta build, this was my first time. Crashes on me consistently when trying to login to youtube. Haven’t tried anything else.

This sounds crazy, but I’ve been using the Developer build as my daily browser and it doesn’t have this issue. Not only that, this Beta build doesn’t allow for Lastpass 2 factor signin, but the developer build is fine with it. Going back to that for now.

Can confirm, Developer build is more stable than Beta. It sometimes still crashes on my system, but not as often as Beta.

Sorry for the late response everyone.

Regarding the crashes in general: We’re aware of the updates causing crashes and have been working on getting them resolved. See previous discussions:

Additionally, I wrote a (brief) description on the differences between the builds that may address your questions about why some things may work in one but not in another.

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When can we expect a new Beta release with reduced crashing?

We choose to go to the Brave browser in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard. I’m not sure how it applies today, but has the team heard of the Van Allen radiation belt?

And yes, you always want to go into a release when you can’t even land an explorer ship in a southwest desert. Of course, it really doesn’t matter. You just fake the landing footage and brainwash the people to believe it so you can justify all the money budgeted for secret programs. But I digress…

Hopefully this week!

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