Brave crashing on iPhone and IPad sometimes


I have found that Brave crashes at random times on IPhone and IPad. It mostly happends for me on google when I search for stuff but I also found that brave crashes every time when I try to run browser bench motionmark. :skull: I have tested this on my IPhone 5s and iPad Air 2 and MotionMark 1.0 seems to crash every time on both devices but the google crashes are totally random :sweat_smile:


It’s rare on my iphone 6, but it happens to me too.
Also, not that I’m telling you what to do, but don’t Google. DuckDuckGo is where it’s at.


Yeah I am slowly trying to migrate to DuckDuckGo but I am kinda stuck in google because I have used it for so many years now and you know that it is hard to teach an old dog to sit (A Swedish expressesion):sweat_smile:


Let me scratch behind your ear: In Settings, touch on Default Search Engine. Once you’re there, select DuckDuckGo. Save and you’re done: any search uses DDG until you change it again. That should get your leg twitching :wink:


I know that were well just that I like google because I am used to it so I really havent changed it yet :sweat_smile:


I tried on this site several times but there was no crash. Is it the same site you are trying?

cc: @joel


Yes it is and i crashes both on my ipad Air 2 and Iphone 5s on ios 10.2.1 and brave 1.3.1


I can run this test fine too. I’ll try on some other devices later today, need to charge them up. Most likely this is an issue with the underlying iOS webview, probably very little we can do. I’ll will add more info here if I dig any up, and after running more tests.


Sweet, I have absolutely no problem to run it in safari and the same goes for chrome :wink:


The only problem I found is when I open the page in portrait mode and then change the orientation to landscape the text get cut off and I have to refresh the page to get proper webview. Issue logged here for the same

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