Brave crashing on form submission, possible .NET captcha issue


Upon submitting forms for some Australian Government websites Brave simply CTD’s. Reproduced in several attempts, had to switch to Firefox to complete my tasks.

Websites in question: -easiest one for others to test with as you can enter any dud information
(also the change address form on the aec website)

They seem to use the same “BotDetect .NET Captcha Control” so this may be the culprit. I cannot provide exact input for reproduction as it contains personal information.


I just had a similar experience with the browser crashing when trying form submissions from two different websites: (when trying to register for a webinar event)

Switched to Firefox both times to complete the tasks.


Hi @Grug & @PongGod,

Thanks for the bug reports! I managed to reproduce the issue using the examples that were provided above and created We’re looking into this ASAP and should have some answers shortly. Again, really appreciate the bug reports.

Trying to log into causes Brave browser to crash
Logon ebay crashes brave
Logon ebay crashes brave

Thanks for your quick response!


Im getting a pretty consistent crash at various times navigating around various web sites and in particular inputting data into fields, whether that is login or data fields. SO far since updating to the latest Brave i must have experienced 5-6 crashes - very unstable compared to past experiences with Brave.

It doesnt seem to be limited to particular web sites or Ui widgets as far as i can tell . This is on latest OSX with my usual 30_ tabs open :slight_smile:

Im not sure if the ticket covers no input field crashes so hope this helps. ill try to replicate and provide more data to debug by.

Further report - so i filled out a complete form here: (just click order then wait to see the next form and try filling the fields and hit submit and it crashes consistently).


I have had the same problem all day today. Every time I try and fill in a form (on three sites so far), the browser crashes. Hugely frustrating.


Same issue here submitting forms, brave shuts down.


I’m also experiencing the same issue of form submission causing all tabs to dump.


fixed for me

Brave 0.22.669
V8 6.6.346.24
rev 6cda2e8
Muon 5.2.7
OS Release 10.0.16299
Update Channel Release
OS Architecture x64
OS Platform Microsoft Windows
Node.js 7.9.0
Brave Sync v1.4.2
libchromiumcontent 66.0.3359.117


We just released 0.22.669 [1] which fixes the issue. Again, apologies to everyone that was affected.

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