Brave crashing issue

My brave browser started crashing about 3-4 months ago on beta iOS 16.5 on ipad, everytime when i am using it about 1-3 minutes so it crashing and it just getting worst by everyday, but now when i opened the app so it crashing about a second later after i opend the app, so i tried to updated it, tried to reinstaill it, tried to restart the device, tried to update the OS, tried to wait a couple of weeks but nothing helps, someone please help! i don’t know what to do! ( sorry for bad grammarly )

Brave version: 1.50
iOS version: 16.5
Beta: Yes
Device: iPad 9th generation ( 2021 )
Region: Asia, middle east

@TheRealSrzga can you follow instructions at PSA: Current FAQ - #44 by Saoiray to provide crash report ID here. It will be needed/helpful in order to figure out what might be going on with your device.

I don’t know which one, because there are too many logs that are aren’t client.wakeups, also my brave browser get stuck and slower when using it

@TheRealSrzga pick one. It will be something like Client-2023-05-08-101535.txt except instead of .txt it will be .ips by default. If your browser just crashed, it should be the one on top.

I did it, but i am not sure though if i should share it because i may accidentally leak something that i shouldn’t share it, because it contains stuff that i don’t know what they are

@TheRealSrzga I just unlisted to nobody will be able to see it unless they have a direct link. You should be good to upload here. Though I can also tag @Mattches in case he sees this ahead of time and prefers to initiate a DM with you instead.

Just updated brave on iOS and it crashes. I can’t upload the crash log as it says I’m a new user.

iOS 15.0
iPhone 12
Model MGJ63X/A
Free space 1.56GB

@TheRealSrzga and @psepa I have just sent you both a DM — please respond to me there, thank you

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