Brave Crashing Computer

I have been using Brave about a week and a half and every day, sometimes more than once, my entire computer freezes, then blue screens, then restarts. I have not had any other software installed and none of this happened until using Brave. I have tried the hardware acceleration toggle to know effect.

wonderful support system here. I guess I will uninstall. :frowning:

first, your post is misplaced. In addition, it lacks essential data to understand your problem. If you search well, you can find the solution in other posts already solved. it’s good to be patient and read

good luck! :money_mouth_face:

I’ve tried those posts. nothing is working.


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well, in my particular case, I had the problem of crashes and freezing after installing Brave four months ago. On my windows 10 pro 64, I had chrome, opera, edge and firefox working. After so many headaches, I decided to completely reinstall windows 10 and I was installing the different browsers one by one in order to know which of them gave me so many problems. finally, I achieved harmony on my pc. In short, brave is updated to its latest version and has the hardware accelerator turned off

good luck :money_mouth_face:

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