Brave Crashing and unable to Unlink Gemini

Description of the issue: Cant get Custodian member ID to unlink Gemini because Brave keeps crashing.

Brave browser keeps crashing and doesn’t load anything on my windows 8.1 PC. When I open brave browser, PC hangs for 3-4 mins and the browser shows a white screen which then changes to the home page of the brave browser but then the browser closes automatically after a min. Nothing works or can be selected on the home page and it automatically crashes. I even tried the solutions (Run as Administrator, compatibility mode, etc.) given on brave support community but nothing worked. I had the same issue twice few months ago and it resolved once I reinstalled Brave but lost all my data.
I submitted a ticket on the issue a week back but got no response which is why I wanted to unlink my Gemini account and reinstall Brave to fix the issue but I cant get the Custodian member ID to do so because Brave doesn’t load.

Actual Result (gifs and screenshots are welcome!):

PC hangs when this white page is displayed on the Brave browser.

Brave Crashes automatically after about a min once it loads to this screen and nothing can be selected.

Expected result: Brave browser launches and works without any issue.

Reproduces how often: Whenever I launch the Brave browser.

Operating System and Brave Version(See the About Brave page in the main menu): Windows 8.1 ; Brave: 1.32.106

Additional Information: Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge works perfectly fine and doesn’t crash and this issue only occurs while using Brave.

I believe you have to reinstall it again…
Have you try it?

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Yeah right it works once I reinstall it but we can only link 4 accounts to Gemini which is why I want to unlink it before reinstalling.

There is a button in brave rewards Wich you can unlink Gemini.
Log in into your account and see.

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Yeah but I cant access brave rewards on PC because it crashes before that and I’m not signed up as a brave creator. Is there any other way?

Actually it’s the only way I know.
Maybe there is another way.

What should I do now ?

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