Brave crashes when using RU AdList in this specific website:


Yesterday I was doing some adblocks tests on:

To achieve maximum points, I was trying different filters and when I selected RU AdList, Brave crashed!

I tried to act in the same way, but now on my desktop PC. I got the same result, Brave shutdown itself when I chose RU Ad list! While with ublockO+RU Adlist everything works perfectly. Surprisingly with this list I reached 100 points!!! :slight_smile:

Also I tested on Vivaldi, with it native adblocker (RU AdList activated), no crashes!

All tests are done with Shields in Standard & Aggressive status.
PCs are on Windows 10 Home/Pro 64bit, 21H2, 19044.1682 with Brave version: 1.38.109

Do you guys are getting the same issue on this website?


They check fake sites, which doesn’t improve privacy. I would ignore this test.



Thanks for the info.

It’s not that I use it often, sometimes rarely.

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