Brave crashes when trying to import Passwords/Settings/Extensions from Edge.

Brave keeps crashing whenever I try to import my passwords from MS Edge, I managed to get my bookmarks from Edge by unchecking the other options that are making it crash instantly.

Are there any good ways to do this? Does Brave know about this bug?

I want to use Brave now, but this bug is stopping me.


I had the same problem. I’ll try what you did to see if that works for me.

I’ve used Edge since its beta and i never had this problem before, but after reinstall of Windows 10 and installing latest Brave yesterday, i imported from Edge without any issues. Today i turned on my PC, fired up Edge and got “Brave didnt shut down correctly” with the option to restore. I noticed the bookmarks toolbar was empty, so i tried to import again from Edge, but after the bookmarks toolbar briefly flashes on screen for a few milliseconds, i get a crash to desktop with no error message. I tried unticking the other options except Bookmarks, but i get the same crash. Tried uninstall/reinstall but still get the same crash every time. I’ll just use Edge and check-in every once in a while to see if its resolved.

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