Brave crashes when opening so fast that you only see a white window and then it closes. Happens on both laptop and desktop

Description of the issue: Brave crashes so fast you can only see a white window in a milisecond and then closes. This has been happening frequently on both my laptop and desktop.
This is the Local State file

Anything wrong with this?
When reinstalling Brave is open for 10 seconds and then crashes, whereafter Brave crashes immediately when opened.

Expected result: That Brave does not crash anymore.

Brave Version:

Additional Information: I have already deleted the cffkpbalmllkdoenhmdmpbkajipdjfam folder.

What version of Windows are you on?

What antivirus or other security software is installed?

Do you have any extensions installed/enabled? If so, does it still happen with them all disabled? I think there is a command-line option you can use to disable them on startup if needed.

Are you able to interact with the browser at all before it crashes?

I have Norton security for me and my children, on both computers.
I am on windows 11 Home v. 21h2

I am not able to interact with the browser at all before it crashes, since it happens so quickly.

Are you familiar with how to start it from the command-line? If not, see here but change Chrome to Brave:

If so, you can try the following options:

–disable-gpu --disable-extensions

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