Brave crashes when opening a particular site


I am having the same issue, with a multi-tab opening – don’t know which site is crashing Brave.

Re-installed latest version of Brave – same problem as it tries to re-load the three tabs – closes itself and disappears from task bar. Repeatedly, everytime.

Just started doingthis this morning, 2 Aug 2018.


@KipHansen - what’s your OS?


@jek6094 - thanks. We are working on a build which will have some crash fixes so I’m optimistic this will solve your issue. However, just to be safe, I’ve reached out to dev to report you’re having trouble uploading your crash reports. If they want to see your crash reports specifically, would you be willing to email them to me? I’ll let you know if they request them.



@LaurenWags The crash dumps are available through a link I posted a bit earlier in this thread. Let me know if you want me to email them to you instead.

Side note: I spent some time trying to monitor what is going on when I click “Send now” in the crashes page, but neither the Developer Tools, nor the Fiddler Web Debugger shows any network activity at all…


Found them, thank you! :slight_smile: There are several *.dmp files and I recognize the numbers.

“Send anonymous crash reports to Brave” was enabled here, too. I just switched on “Automatically send usage statistics to Brave” to see if that would change something - nope, still not uploading a crash report. Hmm…

Edit: Nope, disabling both of these settings didn’t help, now I see (in addition) " Die Absturzberichtsfunktion ist deaktiviert." (“The crash reporting function is disabled.”) and I still can’t send them by clicking “Send now”. I’ll re-set these two settings as they were before.

Edit 2:



Same thing here, Brave browser still crashing too many times :frowning:


same thing here, it is really frustrating


also here are people reporting this problem:


Win 10 Pro - Version 1803


Thanks @KipHansen

We’re currently working to get a hotfix to resolve the crashes out ASAP.


Great news! Thanks Lauren. :slight_smile:


Just tried with the latest 0.23.77 update, but Brave still crashes. It also still won’t upload the crash…


I am experiencing this too. At least with two different sites. I’ve switched back to Chrome for now but hope you can fix it soon.


I can confirm that none of the links mentioned in the bug that was fixed ( crash the browser for me. The link I reported at the start of this thread still crashes the browser though.


@Raparmeri are you on 0.23.77? You can check this by going to about:brave in a new tab.

@jek6094 - I’ve logged for the continued crashes you and others are seeing.


Hi Lauren,

I’m now on 0.23.79 and have stopped seeing the crashes. Thanks!



Gave 0.23.79 a quick spin, but the site I originally reported the crashes for still crashes Brave.
EDIT: And it looks like I still cannot upload crash reports. Nothing happens when I click “Send now”…


@jek6094 does brave close or do you get a black screen with a frowny face?


The whole browser just closes and disappears from the task manager/process explorer.


@jek6094 added a comment here so dev could take a look.