Brave crashes when closing 3rd tab


Periodically Brave will repeatedly crash if I try to close the 3rd of 3 (unpinned) tabs that are open. Using Windows 7 desktop.

Brave: 0.16.9
rev: fba98fcb091b3abfa18aba7c6c0db0c7aa343589
Muon: 4.0.3
libchromiumcontent: 59.0.3071.86
Node.js: 7.9.0
Update Channel: dev
os.platform: win32
os.release: 6.1.7601
os.arch: x64


Hi @jbclaypool

Could you please provide additional information such as:

  • do you have any pinned tabs at all?
  • are you using private browsing?
  • is it always the same site that crashes in your 3rd tab? Or are the sites always different?
  • how many Brave windows do you have open?

Any additional information you have that could help narrow down the steps to reproduce your problem would be helpful.



Hi, I have the same issue. When I close the 4th tab, the whole window closes (3 times in succession today). I had just closed about 4 other tabs, and was trying to close them all except the 2 that I needed.

I immediately tried to check for any updates, and I got a message at the bottom of the screen in Czech (or a language that looks similar which I do not read). I am connected in Hungary (different language area) but I can only manage messages in English anyway. So I am not sure what the message said, maybe about cookies?

I have seen now that I am running the most recent version of Brave.

No pinned or private tabs. When I opened some more tabs, I was then able to close them all OK, so the problem has resolved itself for me for now, but it is still a bug that seems to be present in the system.
Hope this info is useful.

Best Regards,

PS: Thanks for a great browser - I try to use it most of the time.


I have 4 pinned tabs–but they do not stay pinned anymore. Everytime I close Brave, the pinned tabs disappear. I don’t use private browing. It’s not the same site. Only one window open with multiple tabs.


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