Brave crashes on login to some websites


So this is re-opening a previous post that was recently closed. Brave crashes (closes automatically) when logging into some websites. The problem had been resolved by support. Then I had some issues with some other linux software a few days ago and decided to do a final clean install of mint 18. Everything is setup and working perfectly and I’m now adding the set of websites I use every day. One of them is, and I’m experiencing the same crash issue I had the previous week.

The site loads perfectly, then I click on Login. The login dialog box pops up and I can insert my username. Everything is ok to that point. my password on that site is 12 characters. I can type 11 characters without an issue, but as soon as I hit that 12th character, Brave crashes.

This exact same behaviour also happens on and


Hi @duncan

What version of Brave are you using?



My apologies. I was still running 0.16.19. After using sudo to upgrade to 0.17.16, all login issues on those sites disappeared.

You can close the thread. Thank you!


Hi @duncan

Thanks for letting me know. Glad the update worked for you. I will close the thread, please continue to reach out with any issues you encounter, we appreciate the feedback!


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