Brave crashes on launch - iPad mini / iOS 10.3.3


Running on iPad mini 2
iOS 10.3.3 (recently updated, and iOS 11 is waiting in the wings)
Brave v1.4.2 (also recently updated)
Steps to reproduce: Launch Brave. A new screen launches, blank except for iPad status (wifi, time, battery) across the top. Wait a couple seconds, home screen reappears.

I’ve been successfully using Brave on the iPad for quite a while. I didn’t pay close attention to what updated when - I suspect either the update to iOS 10.3.3 or Brave 1.4.2 caused the break, but I can’t point to the exact cause.


Hi @Wazowski

We have some known issues with crashing, here’s a related one:

Thanks for reporting.

cc: @joel @sriram


@LaurenWags, thanks. I didn’t spot that one in my search before submitting.

In my case, I was running previous Brave/iOS fine (well, with occasional
hiccups) up until a few days ago, when I installed the upgrades. My iPad
was offline from mid-May, so I don’t know which upgrade caused the issue.

Brave consistently crashes on my iPad now, every time I launch it. Sorry
that I don’t have more useful info for troubleshooting.



Hi @Wazowski

No problem, don’t worry about not having all the info - sometimes that’s just how it is.

I’m going to leave this thread open for a bit in case some other team members have questions for you regarding this issue, but if you encounter anything else (unrelated to crashes like you’ve mentioned here) please open a new thread. Thanks for taking the time to report this issue.