Brave crashes on iphone 13 max

Brave crashes on iphone. For 20 seconds there is a white screen. Then the app closes by itself.
It tried to uninstall and reinstall. That also doesn’t work. I can only delete it from the screen. But the app itself does not uninstall (is that always the case, I thought only for certain apple apps).

Hello @horstie, thank you for letting us know about this. Have you tried deleting your cookies and cache recently? Can you please share an screenshot so we can have a better understating, have you followed this process to uninstall apps:


For this particular crash issue could you please share with us the iOS version number under settings > general > about Thanks in advance.

Hi Jorge,

it was 5 fotos, but I received a message that I can only add 4, so I cut one out.

Anfang der weitergeleiteten Nachricht:



Hi Jorge,

problem solved. I could not deinstall brave because deinstalling/deleting was turned off in the settings. Now I deleted brave and reinstalled it and it works again.



Hello @horstie, thank you letting us on how you resolved the issue. Best Regards.

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