Brave crashes every time it launches

Description of the issue:

Every time I try to launch brave a window appears and crashes before it can even be distinguished as brave. I’ve been using brave for many months now and no problems until about a week ago. I reinstalled and still the same problem.

How can this issue be reproduced?

Don’t know. Can’t attempt to reproduce with working brave

@wing what version do you have. @mattches and @eljuno this may be a team sport

I’m getting this issue, too, whenever trying to start up the nightly, Dev or beta builds on Mac OS 10.10.5

@Dgenies I’m not sure. Figured I couldn’t see ‘about Brave’ outside of Brave being open so I didn’t add it in the post. I reinstalled yesterday using the Windows 64 bit link on the download page.

Could you disable hardware acceleration

@Dgenies No luck, still crashes
Thankyou for the help though

Just wait a while @mattches and @eljuno would soon be online

Are you using Win10 or Win7?
Also, when you go to launch the browser, do you see a window or any activity on the screen before the browser crashes? Additionally, do you see any error messages after the crash?

@Mattches Windows 10, yes a see a window for a second but no error messages
But my browser is working now and I think I know why.
It worked after I clicked an email link and brave opened. I think this didnt happen previously because I’ve had chrome open when I’ve clicked other links and so they opened there.
Now I think the problem was the page brave was trying to load. A few times when I launched it, it stayed open for long enough for me to see the page it was trying to load. It was a spotify login page and because it crashed, brave would try to reopen the page each time I launched it.
I didnt consider this because I assumed it wouldn’t save this page after a reinstallation but it did as I saw it try to load the page after the reinstallation.
I’ll see if I can replicate this now.

Looking at the page in my browser history, it was a spotify facebook authentication link. I accidentally logged out of spotify last week and my account is made through facebook. It doesn’t crash my browser anymore though, perhaps because the link expired. Oddly enough spotify was able to log me in still when this happened.

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