Brave crashes even after re-installation


I am running Brave on a Windows 10 64-bit PC.

I was browsing a less than trustworthy website and had only allowed the bare minimum scripts to run to allow the basic functions to operate however some rogue script slipped through and attempted to open an external link and even though the page itself failed to load, that new tab crashed my browser.

This was not the first time something like this has happened, what has come after is the major concern. Every subsequent launch of Brave immediately crashes. It’s functions seem to act normally upon launch for barely a second before it freezes up completely. I have attempted to reinstall Brave however the result is the same. I’m not sure if uninstalling the program is actually completely removing it from my hard drive.

I have my wallet backed up so no worries there. I don’t even care about recovering my lost session/tabs. What do I need to do to give myself a clean install and what files can I provide from my side to help identify what caused this cascading of crashes to occur?


Hi @gabesweet

Here are instructions on how to do a completely clean install. Caution, use this only if you are prepared to get rid of everything. In your case this sounds like what you want, but I am putting this extra word of caution for any other users who come across this:

Also, as for the issue that caused this state for you, it sounds like maybe you encountered something like this:



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