Brave crashes continually since last update


Brave crashes continually since last update. Crashes with You Tube, various streaming and unknown factors. Since the latest update it’s crash, crash, crash. Doesn’t seem to be too picky.

Before the last update, with the previous few updates pinned tabs vanished as browser was used. Now pinned taps stick around, but it just crashes.

It is also extra slow now.

Crashing - Slow - pinned tabs working a little better with last update.
Please fix the crashing it seems to be happening to many people for various reasons.


I have found the same: it keeps crashing since the August 1 update. It crashes w/ any and every url I use. I have tried uninstalling and re-installing to no avail. Frankly, I am about to give up and move on to another browser option.


Thanks for reporting @Brave1 @AmChord,

The team already identified the root cause of this crash issue. The new version with the fix should be available a.s.a.p, IIRC.
I’m apologize fot the inconvenience.

Thank you,


i am actually facing it too kinda strange never had it It all started after I tried on install metamask. It crashed, I tried closing it and restarting my computer, but as soon as brave starts to reload the previous tabs it crashed again. I can’t do anything. I caon’t go to the settings. It has become unusable.

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Hello there,

I have seen that the team is working on the issue so I don’t have to post the same findings.

I am trying to migrate completely but this will delay this as far as it seems.