Brave crashes after locking the computer for a long time (for example at night)

I have a Brave installed at work. In the evening I go home and block the computer. The browser remains open and my work remains on it. In the morning, when I return to work in three cases out of five, I find the Brave closed. When I reopen it, it displays a message stating that the work was completed incorrectly and the proposal to restore the closed tabs. I am sure that this is not the correct operation of the browser.

@AlterMann Thanks for reporting. Are there any other applications running along with brave?
On which version are you seeing this issue?


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Latest version Brave: 0.62.51 Chromium: 73.0.3683.103.
Applications running: outlook, telegram, notepad.

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@AlterMann Can you get the Crash report ID’s when browser crashes?.
Steps to get uploaded crash ID:

  1. Open Chrome://crashes in new tab
  2. You will see bunch of crash reports with Local ID along with Send Now button
  3. Click on Send Now
  4. Restart browser
  5. Open Chrome://crashes again you can see Uploaded crash report ID

Please provide uploaded crash report id. Also can you try re-installing brave and check issue persists?

Please revert back if re-install also doesnt work.


Сrash report id c984c10eaa66d004

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