Brave crashed with 3 name windows open - history disappeared can't reopen named windows

I secondary clicked and Named 3 windows I had opened

The browser crashed.
I received the warning that a crash has occurred did i want to restore the last session, i clicked restore

Expected result:
I expected the “Named Windows” to be re opened and/or appear in the history recently closed windows - the History seems to be erased and there were no recently closed windows and only a few tabs of around 70.

Sure I’m guilty of having many tabs open in several windows i haven’t had this issue before.

The biggest problem is that while there is no ui there are at least 20 brave processes as if many tabs are open but without a UI window being shown

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Additional Information:
i keep receiving the “brave didn’t shutdown properly restore pages” message
checking processes shows 12/15 - after clicking restore more than 20 additional processes start though only one tab is restored.

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