Brave crashed immediately after launching

*im on windows 11 and i reseted my pc once . Before reset it was working fine now i reinstalled it im confused . I can play fortnite and valorant but brave is not launching.

  1. Press Win+R
  2. On the window, write %temp% and wait
  3. Delete all the files that are in that folder
  4. Repeat step 1
  5. Type temp and repeat the step 3

@soulwalkz what Brave version are you currently on?

idk how to check the version please tell me .

did not work , do u have any other solution.

Go to brave://version

i cant open brave only . But i think its 1.31.91

Your version is not updated. Try uninstalling and installing again

did not work
pls tell other solutions

idk how to check version . i cant even open brave and check cuz it crashes immediately

the version is , most probably

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