Brave crashed continuously today

Hi Brave team,

I am using Brave version 1.46.153 on Window 10 and suddenly today my Brave browser crashed and kept crashing when I tried to restore pages.

I have disabled all function in Customised page still I got this issue.

Crash ID: 816eea98-9c66-4332-b94f-55a0aa5a6bc9

Please help to check it.


Hello @black_cat1, thank you for sharing this information with us. I will escalate to the proper team so we can further investigate this issue. Regards.

Thanks @Jarc-1107 ,

To update you on this, I found out that a certain website will cause this crash if I open it. Strangely, the same website could be opened normally in private mode but it will crash in the normal mode.

At the moment, my workaround is to open that particular website in private mode to avoid the crash.

Hope that help,

Hello @black_cat1, thank you for letting us know this. By any chance are you using extensions? Might be one of them is causing the issue on that website try removing all of them or one by one to see if that resolves the issue. Regards.

@Jarc-1107 Wonderful, Brave does not crash anymore after I removed some unused extension.

Thank you very much,

If you continue to have issues with your brave account , it could be because, you could have the same account on multiple devices ,
About a year ago I thought I lost my phone, and I just recently I found out that I never lost it! !! A scandalous person by the name of
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You’re welcome! Thank you for confirming. Best Regards.

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