Brave crashed 4 times in almost 2 mins

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Os - Android 12
Brave version - Brave 1.44.105, Chromium 106.0.5249.91

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Brave crashed 4 times in a time span of 2 mins. The crash took place the moment I clicked on the Brave Wallet ad which I was able to see in the Brave news section.

Here is the screenshot of crash records.
Pls fix this bug asap.

@Frozen_God Hey, if you can get it to go back to brave://crashes, it’s important to get the crash ID #. On the top right of the screen (along where you see Crashes (4) on your screenshot, to the far right, where you cropped out) is a little checkbox next to Show Developer Options. If you check that box off, then the Crashes will have the ID shown as well. It’s that ID that’s important for developers/support to be able to know which reports are yours. (well, makes it a lot easier anyway)

Here you go

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It looks like your crash report IDs are not appearing as they should on this page. We’ve opened an issue to figure out why that may be here:

I’m wondering if there may be a specific site you have open that is causing the crashes? How many tabs do you have open at this time? Further, would you be willing to close them (all) and test to see if the browser still crashes with no tabs open?

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  1. I usually have 2 tabs open - The main tab which I usually use for searching and the 2nd one is the one with brave rewards.

  2. Usually only 2 tabs are opened. Sometimes 3-4 when I am busy with my work.

Ok I will try closing all tabs and will see if brave crashed.

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Happy to announce that after closing all the tabs and this issue is not occuring.

Keeping only 1 tab open solved the entire issue from my side.

But pls do look out if this is a big or not.

Thanks you so much for you help.

I suspect that this was due to one specific site open in those tabs, not having multiple sites/tabs open. If you’re comfortable sharing those sites you had open, we can take a look and see if we can determine which one was causing the issue. Alternatively, you can perform that test on your own and see if you can isolate which site was causing the crash.

My 1st tab is the main tab, which I use for searching and nothing else.

2nd tab is

And ig this was the root of the cause.
But brave crashed once again even though all the other tabs were closed.

So it seems like Brave is crashing due to Instagram being open/used?

I don’t use instagram

Oh sorry — I saw you mention “ig” and totally misread the sentence. So to confirm, which open tab was the root cause of the crash — the Rewards page?

Yes the reward tab was the root cause.
But even without any tab open i.e. only 1 active tab which I was using, i observed crashing of brave.
And this happens whenever I click on brave wallet ad.

Here is a screen recording of what exactly is happening.
Also I am sorry for the video quality due to size restrictions of videos in community post.

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