Brave crash when when opening some sites (from the desktop app as from outside links)

Hey there!

I have a lot of repetitive crashes since a few days when opening some sites (no pattern and couldn’t determine any relation between them).

I have already sent a few crash reports using the built in tool (brave://crashes/)

It is recent and not sure if it is since a recent update or not since those are silent.

I have extensions installed with personnal settings on those so uninstalling and deleting the Brave folder in AppData/local is really not ideal.

Already tried to uninstall/reinstall while keeping my personnal settings without success.

Also cleared cache, cookies, an history but there again, no success.

It is happening on Windows 11.

Any help would be appreciated.

Kind regards,

Give news. Me too on linuxmint

Sure! I will update this thread if I can debug and solve it by myself. Trying since 2 days without success.

You make me think to check if I can reproduce it on my Linux partition. It is Ubuntu but I believe Ubuntu is close enough from Mint.

Same for you, It would be great to keep me posted if you can solve it.

Going back to my research now…

Disabling Speedreader solved it for me. Check this Reporting a Bug :

I’m now closing this thread as it seems that Speedreader was causing this. Disabling Speedreader seems to solve it.

I could use the browser with Speedreader enabled before so it look like the last browser update has broke something about Speedreader.

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