Brave Crash lost my BAT




I’m using Brave on a Windows 10 PC.
I installed it, start to use then I shut it and re-open Brave.
In the meanwhile I created and charged my BAT wallet, imported my favs.

After re opening, all was gone.

The matter is the BAT more than the favs I have been able to re import.

I though I save the recovery key but I lost it… Sad day.

Can you help me if I give you the public address where I send the ETH this morning ??

@LaurenWags I see you helped other people in similare cases. Thanks :slight_smile:



Hi @Peio

Thanks for tagging me! I don’t believe there’s anything that can be done without the recovery words. Will double check that just to be extra sure.

In the mean time, can you please navigate to %userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\brave and look to see if you have more than one session-store file? Also while you’re in that directory, let me know if you have any filenames beginning with ledger (such as ledger-state.json or ledger-newstate.json).



Hi @LaurenWags,

Thanks for your answer.
Here is a screenshot of the folder you mentioned.

Have a good day


Hi @Peio

Thanks. Please private message me a copy of your ledger-state.json file. Note, to private message the file to me you will have to add the extension .mp4 to the end of it. I can ask a teammate to review, but I can’t promise that it will work.


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