Brave crash and can't even restore!

Yesterday my brave browser crashed. Not only was I not able to restore pages (it kept on crashing again and again) but all the history of windows vanished. All my work related info was there…! I have the latest OS updates on my computer. Contacted Apple support and they confirmed. This morning the problem continues. Yesterday Brave community page would also not open on any of my browsers on Mac or Phone. I redownloaded Brave and same problem. What is going on Brave???

Yes, there was an issue on that. They tried sharing notice where they could. It took a while to get the site up and running.

What about Brave? And when you say “latest OS updates” do you mean you have the actual newest updates or only that you have the latest available for your device? This play on words is where people have wasted a lot of time before. What I would like to ask is for you to tell specifically:

  • Which OS you’re using (Mac Catalina, Big Sur, etc assuming Mac, but as specific as you can on version)

  • Exactly which version of Brave you have installed, assuming you’re able to open Brave and look.

Yes, when a page causes things to crash, you generally won’t be able to restore without crashing because clicking Restore will also open the page that has the issue.

This can happen on any program or browser. This is why we should always save information to bookmarks and all, plus occasionally perform backups. If a program crashes or anything happens to your device, it can be lost forever. Not all crashes can be recovered from.

Newest from or what? I’m stressing this because majority of people having issues lately are those who were visiting YouTube and using outdated versions of Brave.