Brave corrupts pdf attachments on gmail

When will your company resolve the various PDF issues?

Initially i experienced problems when trying to download a pdf which are ongoing and had to be resolved by using another browser.

Now I realized that Brave is corrupting every pdf I try to attach in a email in gmail. Once sent the file corrupts. It turns them into broken web page sites just like the pdf problem I experienced and posted about with ServiceTrade

Found your original issue, apoloiges for not following back up:
Have you tried uploading on the site with your Shields turned off?
This is often the first step to test whether or not Brave’s protections are blocking some site functionality. If you turn them off and it works we can continue further troubleshooting and narrow down what’s causing the site to break.

I can now download pdfs on ServiceTrade when the shield is turned off.

I am testing now to see if the emails can send the pdfs successfully with the shield turned off as well…

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With the filters off I am able to email pdfs. thanks.

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