Brave converted my pdfs to html and I am furious about it

Brave has converted all of my pdf files saved on OneDrive to Brave html docs without asking in any way for my permission to do this. This is outrageous. This is the kind of thing I might expect from google or paypal, but not a browser that claims to be about less exploitation of the end user.

Yes, I can still right-click on a document and go to a menu that allows me to open it with adobe. But the default, if I just double click, is that it opens in a Brave browser.

I should not have to spend 5 seconds trying to figure out how to reverse an action that an app made to my documents and setting w/out my permission - and never even asking my permission!!!

I am incredibly pissed off about this. I suppose I will just delete the browser soon but I’ll see what info I get here first.

I do appreciate that the Brave browser blocks ads - but the search function is, frankly, lacking. It doesn’t allow sorting of search results by date, doesn’t show the date of search results, doesn’t show much relevance.

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Is your files extension changed to .html? Or just Brave was set as a default handler for .pdf file?

Files were changed to .html

Thanks for the information. I’m pretty sure this is not an expected behavior and I don’t think Brave can do so.

I’m never encountered this issue and also not aware of similar issue from other users.

Can you please provide additional information? :point_up:

So you think I’m making it up? How do you expect me to reproduce this? It happened without me doing anything. It’s UN-doing it that I would like information about. The only thing that could have even possibly be related is that I got a pop-up asking me if I wanted to make Brave my default browser - to which I responded NO. It was shortly after that that my files were converted. All of the icons that used to be Adobe icons were the red Brave lion, both in the Name field in my windows browser, and under the Type field - and the extension there was indeed .html. When I opened them, they opened in a Brave browser. I tried right-clicking on several of them to see if there was a way that I could convert them back but I couldn’t figure anything out.

Hi @farouche
Can you try right-clicking → ‘open with’ and set Adobe as default?

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I’m not saying you’re making it up. I’m just saying I’ve never heard of similar report before nor experienced the same issue.

I’m requesting additional information, so at least I can try to reproduce the issue on my end @farouche .

so do you have solved your issue?

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