Brave converted my pdfs to Brave browser html files AGAIN

Srsly, what in the actual??

I make maps so I have tons of pdfs on an extra drive not even on my main hard drive and ALL of them have been converted to “Brave HTML Document” , as shown in the File Type, and when I open them they automatically open in a Brave online browser.

Yes, I can right-click and open them via adobe - but what in the actual F??? This is totally out of line. For a browser that’s supposed to be about privacy and respect for its users, to convert all of my pdfs to Brave HTML docs without in any way requesting or obtaining my permission is 100% wrong.

Someone needs to fix this.

There is info that you have not provided, so I have tried to add some clarity (IMHO) to your first paragraph . . .

You: I make maps so I have tons of PDF files on an extra drive (that is not even on my main hard drive)

Me: OK (BTW, map making is an art - bless your care in such work)

You: ALL of them have been converted to “Brave HTML Document” , as shown in the File Type

Me: OK - but they (files in question) may not actually be HTML documents

You: When I open them they automatically open in a Brave online browser.

Me: From your writing, it sounds like a Brave Browser on a proxy machine (online the Internet to which your computer has access), that is tasked to Open HTML files on your computer - when you give the Open command on your computer.

You: Yes, I can right-click and open them via Adobe Acrobat

Me: Good to know, at least that Open a PDF file command, works

Skipping some of your info (understanding your frustration)

Maybe the PDF files are still PDF files, but some gremlin changed the filename extensions from .PDF to .HTML — and, given a possiblity that Brave Browser is somwhere assigned to open HTML files, then a Brave Browser (somewhere) did that: Opened the files.

In other words, you present a number of problems, yet you may help solve one or more, by helping Brave Support (I am not a member), by re-thinking what you wrote.

Please try to be more careful and specific.

Because Brave Support will be looking for “the thing” that detectives try to detect, in order to resolve a riddle such as you present.

Brave Support gets a lot of reports and requests every day. In order to ensure that your issues get addressed/resolved:

[They request] Please adhere to the guidelines to the best of your ability, and use the Template shown in the Reply Editor.

Support Templates Reference

How to submit a Bug Report:

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Thanks for your reply.

I don’t see anything that I’m leaving out. Other than: tell me how to fix this and make sure it never happens again because I really do not appreciate having to spend one second of my time on this.

Yes, you’re right, the files probably aren’t actually “converted”, but functionally, they are opening in a Brave browser, which should never happen for any reason, and it makes me very uncomfortable that this browser is accessing files saved on a hard drive without my permission, in any way. Where the adobe logo used to be next to the file name there is now a Brave lion. Where the file type used to say adobe pdf it now says “Brave HTML Document”. When I double click to open the pdf it automatically opens in a Brave browser - which is 100% inappropriate. What kind of information is Brave accessing through this? I shouldn’t have to spend one second of my time trying to reverse this.

I guess I’m frankly not too concerned with decorum when this browser has hijacked documents on what amounts to a hard drive. These are not saved on any kind of cloud drive.

Type brave://settings/content/pdfDocuments in the address bar and enable the option.

Other than that, configure .PDF files to always open with a different application than Brave. Since you mentioned Adobe:



In order to get your Windows machine back into shape, you may choose to remove the Brave Browser entirely, including its satellite files that the Windows OS is notorious for laying around here and there aboard a PC.

First, make sure that you can view hidden files:

Second, get and install CCleaner by Piriform - they have a free version - for cleaning cache and finding things (that are, in your view, obviously Brave Browser items) that you may remove from the Windows Registry.

DO NOT YET use CCleaner, for that Registry work.

Third, back up your Bookmarks.html file.

Go to: brave://bookmarks/

Locate the Menu button — possibly near the Search (Magnifying Glass) icon

Click on that button, and select “Export bookmarks”


Tips on exporting the Bookmarks:

Important: Restarting your Windows machine.

When you Restart your Windows computing device, the Operating System does - let us say - bookkeeping and maintenance, cleaning up some things.

IF / when you have a notion to Restart, Exit / Quit everything and do that.

Restart your Windows machine, now.

When your computer is again up and running . . .

If you discover that a Brave Browser uninstaller was not included with the Brave Browser installation, you might use the Windows OS process for uninstalling:

Next, you need to remove any Brave flotsam and jetsam (ancillary / ho-hum / what are these, here?) satellite files and folders within

  • C:\Users\YourNamePossibly\AppData\Local\

  • C:\Users\YourNamePossibly\AppData\LocalLow\

  • C:\Users\YourNamePossibly\AppData\Roaming\



After that, THIS is when you need to run CCleaner; tips for doing the VERY CAREFUL Windows Registry, Brave items - nit picking (if in doubt, then do not remove an item):

There, scroll down to

Follow all that work, by another Restart of your computer.

When your computer is up and running again, most of Brave Browser and its satellite files — that the Windows OS places other than at C:\Program Files\ -AND/OR- C:\Program Files (x86) — should be missing.

During the Restart, the Windows OS will have noticed that, done some bookkeeping and maintenance . . . and upon a completed Restart, the Windows OS should be properly displaying the appearance of file icons (previously troubled by the Brave Browser presence).

DO NOT, yet, after all that work of removing things . . . Double-Click nor Right-Click to open any of the [formerly] troubled icons.

INSTEAD, Open one such troubled PDF file, by launching Adobe Acrobat / Adobe Acrobat Reader and then use that application’s File > Open command to get the Open dialog box for navigating to the PDF file . . . and select the PDF file.

You need the legit parent application to open such files, by said parent navigating (by your efforts) to the files in question.

From an earlier reply of mine, to you - choosing the default applications:

Brave converted my pdfs to Brave browser html files AGAIN - #5 by 289wk

PS. You may search at this Brave Community, to find others’ methods for removing a software package.

Thank you very much!!

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