Brave Contributor Payment not matching what was pending?

I just received the 8th March payment of 42 bat to my uphold account but my contributor account said 270 bat was pending payment on the 8th of March…? It still says that and doesnt show a record of the 42 bat being paid?

The payout is still processing. Thanks for your patience. :slightly_smiling_face:

I have already received a payment as normal to my uphold account about 2 hours ago, are you saying I will get two payments today? Why would it be split?

The deposit is for any BAT you earned between Feb 1 and March 1. If you earned a lot of your BAT within the past week (after March 1st), then that will arrive in the next payout.

OK, but why does it say in my contributor account that the whole amount 255 BAT is pending to be paid on the 8th of March? That hasent updated after the small payment and there is no transaction record that the 42 BAT left the contributor account…?

Late on the 8th I received a second payment so all is good.
Not sure if this was a correction done by someone or if this is normal, would really like admin to jump in so we dont get different answers

We send referrals and contributions/tips separately, so it is likely that. Sometimes the payment can be broken up into smaller chunks. But as long as you receive everything in the end, you’re good to go :).

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