Brave constantly crashes when visiting ""

When browsing yahoo news in “” I found that Brave browser constantly crashes. It crashes after you have spent few minutes on the page browsing and not immediately.
Though on restart it does restore the original windows and tabs but if I again visit the same page it crashes again. It happens almost everyday when I try to check the yahoo news page.
Please fix this issue.

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@santoshthankachan , well, i tested by several minutes navigating in , and it runned well, never crashed. Maybe is something in your computer. :thinking:

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Is there any way that Brave can collect crash report when it crashes and sends it to the developer team for further analysis.
If it crashes on my Windows 10 Laptop then there should be some valid reasons for the same and that’s what I’m keen to know.

Thanks for your reply.

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Its Working to me.

Try to Clean Up your Disk…
Clean Up The Cache of browser.


Well these are few things which I have already tried.
Cleaning up the Disk and Cleaning browser cache
Its not the things if its working in your machines, its about why its crashing at my end. My last reply was that why Brave is not collecting the crash report properly and showing it before I can share it with brave R&D team.
Any ways its not a pressing issue for me. I will try to figure out on my own :slight_smile:

Hi @santoshthankachan - you can enable crash reports by following these steps -

What OS and Brave version are you running BTW?

Thanks in advance!