Brave connecting to Gemini still not working, was promised today

but i recieved less.
you also had to claim them first?
because before they automatically got transferred without claiming

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I just got mine, it was for the correct amount.

I am asking you also had to claim the rewards by pressing claim rewards?

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Yes, I claimed my rewards. Had to complete a puzzle which required you to move shapes and then my rewards were sent.

You connected to gemini?

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Are you also seeing Congrats in your rewards?

Still having problems verified wallet with Gemini, do I need to do anything special?

Yes I see congrats, and I am using Gemini. After pressing claim I received my rewards.

Okay thanks for confirming


I am getting the same but i recieved less rewards.
Did you recieve any bonus?

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yes I did, I also had issue receiving my payment last month. They said in a tweet that anyone who had an issue would get a bonus. Did you have any issues receiving payment last month. Also, below is what @steeven said about bonuses (Ads Payout Status Update):



To Brave Rewards Users:

We realize that the last month of Brave Rewards payouts were tough and confusing for many involved. Many users who had wallets connected to Uphold had to go through additional compliance which delayed their payments , and we had to bring the Gemini integration offline to rework certain pieces of it. First we want to sincerely apologize to all affected users. We realize that you rely on us for timely payouts and we let you down.

Second, we wanted to announce bonuses to users who were affected by Uphold payout delays, as well as to users who were not able to connect to Gemini. If you were affected, you should see that bonus as part of the payout starting today, February 7th, 2022, in an amount roughly equal to the last payout.

To ensure that future payouts go more smoothly, we will be investing additional time and resources into improving tooling and communication around the payout process. We thank you for your patience and continued support of Brave Rewards.

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No i didnt have any issue recieving payment last month but i did have issue while linking to gemini.

OK, then then you were definitely not getting a bonus

Okay thank you for confirming

I still have yet to receive the payouts for January (and I didn’t receive them for last month either). It still says my January rewards “are on the way,” despite the Gemini payouts saying they’ve been completed as of yesterday.
Anyone else experiencing this?


DM the mods, @steeven @Mattches @GreenBananaPorridge @SaltyBanana

Same I still havent received anything and none of my rewards are working now. :confused:

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Give it a little bit more time for the February payments, I haven’t received anything yet either. I believe they have the same set up last month where we get to send the rewards ourself. Do you have anything similar to this when you open a new tab?


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