Brave Company Ads

I’m unwilling to see advertisements for any company or person which is not a sole practitioner artist or traveler. BlockFi is an example of something I don’t want to see. If I want the usual sorts of larger company advertising and surveillance capitalism I’d use Chrome, Edge, or Firefox. Brave has my use and attention for this moment. There might be another moment when I decide I don’t want to see BlockFi ads

Powerful idea. I want to see this as an option, but it should be opt-in.

“I want to see ads from small businesses only.”

I don’t know what you mean by sole practitioner artist or traveler. This selection would result in less payout, because larger companies will buy more ads.

@TheSoulRider - in brave://rewards/, under “7-day Ads History” you should see all received ads and mark that you dont like some specific ad

So, then, since I haven’t opted in to Brave’s ad program, what is now happening is Brave is forcing me to 1.) opt into it, and 2.) babysit my ad preferences. If what you wrote it correct.

brave always asks (after first start) if you would like to join brave rewards…anyhow, you can disable rewards anytime

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