Brave Community vs. BAT Community

Hi. Today I’ve seen the launch of the new website Does that mean this Brave Community site will come to an end? If not, What will the differences be between these both communities?


Hi @KalAika,
I’m not sure if is an official resource. cc @chriscat for confirmation here.

Although Brave and BAT is related, this forum ( is official site for Brave Browser support. A place for Brave user report an issues, submit a feedback and request a feature, etc for the browser.

While BAT Community is I believe will be more focus on growing BAT community around the world. :slight_smile: is an official resource; however, it will not be replacing this community. This community ( is geared toward everyday support, especially of Brave browser issues.

BAT is a rewards & digital advertising platform that will go beyond Brave. And will be more for organizing meetups, community events, content creator interaction, etc. rather than technical support.

You can read more about what will be for in our official blog post here:


Then I think it’s a good addition to this Brave/BAT ecosystem. Thnx! :grinning: