Brave community is really annoying

Hello there,
I use to switch a lot between Brave and Vivaldi.
Both browser have there pros and cons. I prefer Brave as a user because i care a lot of my privacy online.
But there is something reeaaaaaly annoying about brave :

  • The thing about Vivaldi is that when you have an issue, an info to get or a request : you just go to the forum, ask the question and you will get an answer within a day.
  • and as a nightly user of Brave, i was hopping there will be a pretty high follow-up and activity in the nightly community tab (as snapshot in Vivaldi does ! you can get answser within 10 min !). But actually there nearly no activity AT ALL.
    This will NOT make me quit Brave but wow !!! I don’t understand why Brave community ambassador and manager don’t look closer to the nightly and developer forum.
    we are those who test new feature and therefore find some bug, problem, questions and need some reply and concern about our request !

Like… how is this even possible ?? 3 days of post, 20 views on each post and 0 answer ? those views are ghost or what ?
Note that the only reply in this screenshot is from the post’s author himself…

I hope that someone will answer before 2020… (this is ironic) but it bother me a little bit. I wonder if i’m the only one in this case :slight_smile: ?


hope you can get help soon

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Part of it might be that posts by Nightly users aren’t necessarily put in the Nightly section of the Community. But, yeah.

yes they are, look at the tag of those post in the screenshot.

Hi @rficasa, sorry you had a bad experience. We reply to thousands of threads a month and it can take time for us to catch up. Community gets over 1 million views a month and we are only a 4-man support team :slight_smile:

Do you have a specific post you’d like us to take a look at?


The screenshot appears to be of the Nightly portion of the Community, so of course all the posts in your screenshot are in the Nightly portion. :smiley:

Your diligence in going to the Nightly area is admirable, but is probably unusual. Speaking as a Nightly user of many months, I assure you that many posts by Nightly users (cough mine included cough) are not put in the Nightly portion of the Community - just do a search for “Nightly” (turning off the “Search the #Nightly Builds category” if there to broaden to entire Community).
Sure, the results show a lot of posts flagged as Nightly/from the Nightly area, but you’ll see a ton that aren’t, too. Also, if you’re using Nightly, note that your original post in this thread is not tagged as Nightly, but only as “Feedback.”

Part of it is that, at least as far as I’ve seen thus far, there’s no easy way to add tags to our posts except when creating a new topic. If there is, then I’ve totally missed it. So if I am in the Desktop Support section and am posting a response that is relevant to Nightly, the response keeps the flags/tags of the original post. For example, if I’m replying to a post about Release in the Desktop Support area and am reporting results of trying whatever the OP did, but also what happens in Beta, Dev, and Nightly, and in macOS, Windows, and Linux (I actually do this - ridiculous, right?), the response only has the parent’s category/tags. It would be handy to be able to add tags to the response to get the post listed in the Beta, Dev, and Nightly areas specifically, as well as the OS areas.

Watch, now @Asad or you or someone else will say, “Hnk, adding tags is easy peasy - just [explains one-step process]” and I’ll feel all stupid. :stuck_out_tongue: But at least I’ll be able to add tags. :smiley:


By the way, I’m going to make a point of training myself to go to the Nightly area from now on as a result of your post, @rficasa, so thank you! Maybe I’ll try to make that my start page for the Community…

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@hnktong if you hit the edit button (pencil icon on the original post in the thread) you should be able to add more tags :slight_smile:

See? I knew one of you would do that! :slight_smile:

However, I don’t see where to add the tags, unless it’s the “add edit reason” thing in the editor header:

What am I missing?

Oh, wait, you mean in the parent/original post and only in that? That I get, as well as how to do it when creating a new topic, but I don’t see any way to do it in responses.

this is why it can takes some time ! and of course i understand this ! is there some plans to recruiting people for Brave community ? because pruvacy is good but you can’t make brave grows if it doesn’t have a “real” community behind willing to help it grow.

no no i don’t have one in particular, i just found “bizarre” that the nightly forum had no replies !

but why ?? this makes NO sense at all !! if your reporting an issue of the type of browser you are using (in this case nightly) why people don’t post in this right forum area : nightly ?
i mean i don’t see the point… so the first problem is users who don’t create topic in the right area ?
edit : i saw your another answer after : thanks for your thoughts about going to nightly forum more :yum:

i think this is “normal” because it would be a big mess if it is like you suggest !

Anyway thanks for your answer :wink: very usefull

I guess people usually dont check the nightly portion in the website. I would put it in the general section. I am not sure why there are so many divisions in the community that is why this problem occurs i guess. May be it is good to add many tags but still put the question in the general area is the best option.

I do not think there are that many user base for individual browser release except the stable one. I use nightly and Dev but I guess having that many division there is really confusing and too many IMHO.


i think it will be more accurate to delete some of the “troubleshooting” or “feedback” area, because those bug u get higlhy depends on what version u are running ! so problem or question should be asked on your version channel : Dev, beta, nightly etc…

And it should have an option to put max 2 main tag : i explain myself.
because the brave rewards section is mandatory but bugs and functionality also depends on what version you are browsing from.
So u could have for exemple a topic with brave rewards AND nightly tag. In this case the topic could appear both in the brave rewards section and in the nightly section and this could be much more accurate IMHO.

I hope u understood my english is not so good :joy:

are you using github at all? do a pull request

arf nope i don’t use github…
I mean i’m quite familiar to download some things on this website but I don’t have any account or daily use

anyway could you give the link so i can try it ? @senpiebeatz

im a noob at it too, i dont want to give out bad info will theres active development itll just make it more rough on anyone lol

I feel your pain! I reported a annoying bug about passwords not being saved and created 2 threads. The first one got an answer after 2 a long time but was abandoned when all the suggestions did not help. I tried a second thread asking for help and it was not even responded to.

So yes i agree that the help and support is very very bad here.

@Asad maybe if you have time you could help me with the above problem (perhaps reopen the thread?). I really like Brave and hope to get that bug fixed.

Brave is new. Tech support shouldn’t be under the hammer to fix everything users write about…

If everyone using Brave, just used a more laid back approach, everything will get fixed - you should just be able to do work the overalls instead of running around attending spot-fires.

Your right and wrong.
Yes considering how much work and issues come in support can not be everywhere and fix everything in a timely manner.
BUT and this is the issue as i see it:

  1. the forum thread closes automatically. Yes 30 day or what the limit is should be long enough for someone to atleast give the issue a preliminary update on. But when they are busy the user ends up with a crappy experience and has to create a new thread like what i did. And still did not get a single response.
  2. It would be better to have Jira or something to report bugs. Support can this way prioritize, assign, estimate, link with other issues that are similar and update the ticket with information when they get the time.
  3. There should be some sort of SLA put into place. An issue should not exist indefinitely. I worked in development (as project manager) and support so i’m have been there myself.

I hope @Asad can take this feedback and bring it up to the team. Its not that good when users are ignored (or atleast it feels that way). Usually its enough to give a short update and next step to the user. But 0 response in a month is a really bad.


yep I totally agree with your 3 points !
I take Vivaldi example again but they have a report system very well implemented !
You have a bug/issue : u post a thread and if the moderator/ambassador can’t fix it, u just make a “ticket” : called a VB with a reference number on a dedicated website so that the developer don’t have to be on the forum every single day.
They just get those VB request and work on it. And when the next update come ; the change log just list all VB that has been fixed.

I hope that Brave will step up in the community department 'cause i think it is a very important point (at least for me)


Sounds like a great way of handling issues.
Can i ask why you choose Brave over Vivaldi? was also looking into it before but i thought community of Brave was bigger so maybe support/features are better on Brave but at this point i dont know if that is actually the case.If you like you can send me a private message :slight_smile: