Brave Community Image Not Displaying Correctly

Snip of what is now displayed on left side of header for Brave Community. I don’t remember if the black background (banner) is new or if that is how it has always displayed.


Inspect (devtools) of banner has following errors.


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Ahh, just wanted to make a topic about this. Good I looked before.

Same here



Firefox - to the icon at:


And the WHITE fill color for the lettering, is still missing at the left end, in the following screenshot:


@289wk Hi :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry, I don’t understand what you are trying to convey. :slightly_frowning_face: Is this just providing additional information on the error codes displayed or am I supposed to get something more and completely missed the point? lol

Only posted the errors for the image and not the text because the image is what really, really bothers me. lol I figured they would address both anyway. Pretty obvious the text is a problem too. Is that all you wanted to point out?

I just want to make sure I understand the intent of your post correctly and that I am not missing anything. Please let me know. :slightly_smiling_face:


More info for the issue; and, extending time for the issue. (Yeah, the Feedback category does not have a time limit . . . but ‘just in case’.)

+1. In Android & in Windows 11, both.

@289wk Thank-you. :slightly_smiling_face:

@Aman_M It is in Beta and Nightly too. :slightly_frowning_face:



Recently, Brave or Chromium (and/or Discourse?) made a sea change, moving away from TCP to UDP:

Probably because of the following WebRTC fad/trend:

My interest in Brave Browser, is Privacy and Security, and that means, as much as, and as often as, possible, I have HTTPS EVERYWHERE and/or HTTPS ONLY enabled.

I do NOT want to merely use HTTPS to make a connection using TCP . . . and then see the Internet browser hop to using UDP.

Because, when using HTTPS, I expect TCP for the sake of not losing data. In other words, a Secure Connection includes, not losing data.

If the secure connection loses data, I am satisfied when ‘the browser stalls’ - and the connection is not continued.

But the audio-video-philes demand ‘streaming quality’ that actually loses data but ‘works - for appearances.’ Streaming at all costs - no thanks.

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@289wk ooooh. I see now. I’m going to go check your topic and see if you posted this information there. I will if you didn’t!! lol

Thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:



A trio of researchers from China have found that QUIC is more vulnerable to web fingerprinting than HTTPS, a shortcoming that could make it easier for an adversary to infer which websites an individual is visiting by scrutinizing network traffic.

HTTPS, the researchers found, remains more resistant to web fingerprinting. Web fingerprinting in this context is not browser/device fingerprinting, which captures browser-based data points like browser type, device brand, screen size, and so on, and uses those to calculate a hash identifier. Rather, it refers to data extracted by sniffing network traffic between internet users and the websites they visit.

Web fingerprinting of this sort involves eavesdropping on people’s encrypted network traffic – the contents of which remain protected – and using the observed packets to build distinct patterns that correspond with specific websites.

This network data forms the basis for a model that can subsequently be used to predict which websites are being visited, the sort of thing, say, a censorious government might wish to do.

[Or Google may wish.]

@289wk Please just post the UDP/TCP/HTTPS/etc posts in your topic linked below. I think the posts to this topic are really off-topic and we probably should use your topic instead of this one! :grinning:

I have this thing too
The logo on the is not showing up, because it’s src is unreachable

It’s back… Thank-you! Looks so much better. :smiley:


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Old image address:’

New image address:

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So did Brave move away from Amazon cloud services?

@Aman_M Hi :smiley:

Uhm, not sure what prompted the question? Maybe @289wk (hi too! :smiley:) topic?

I think both Brave and Discourse uses AWS. I do not understand the what & why of your question and especially what you are specifically referencing! Ack! Please expand here or in the other topic. Preferably the other since this one is solved. :wink: :grin: :joy:

Edit: @Aman_M Ooooh. Just snapped. “Old address” vs “New Address” links. Sheesh. And no idea. Too many possibilities and not enough information. It’s fixed and I’m pleased. Good enough for me. :smiley:

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