Brave Community Forum / BAT Community Forum?

It seems like the 2 Forums mentioned in my Title are 2 completely different forums, but run by Brave…is that correct? If so, does your UN/PW work for both? I tried my UN/PW on the “BAT Community” and it did not work. It would be nice if Brave made 1 forum with 2 sub-forums for Brave/BAT. Thanks!

Yes. This site is official support forum for Brave Browser while is a BAT Community forum for BAT related discussion.

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I guess you need a different or separate UN/PW for that site? Thx!

Ah! Username and Password – I thought it’s something else. :sweat_smile:

Yes. You need to create a different account for each.

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Ha, sorry, thought that was well known. :slight_smile: Thanks again! :slight_smile: :+1:

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