Brave closing after about 10 seconds prior to launching, I've heard disabling sync could work, is it possible to do so on Windows 10? Or do I have to do it on a phone?

I’ve tried to find a settings tab that can disable sync through Windows 10, but I haven’t found any luck. Do I have to disable it through a mobile device?

Brave keeps crashing on me too, is there any other methods I could use to possibly fix this?
It hasn’t given me a crash report, I have nothing to send.
No version of Brave will work, they all close within 10 seconds prior to opening.
Any help?

I’ve tried to uninstall and download then re-install, that hasn’t worked, I’ve tried to find a tab to disable sync, no luck there either.

Does anyone know where I can find a settings area to disable synchronization on Windows 10?

Yes, all the methods I tried in that post didn’t work, all commands were not recognized, what I’ve heard is that disabling bookmarks can fix the problem, I just don’t know where to disable them?

I’ve fixed the problem, it was something with my computer, I’ll keep this thread open for other users. The problem I had nobody else will!

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