Brave closes when trying to change a setting

I had to reset Brave settings while trying to solve an issue with MS OneDrive. Did not work. But after resetting, I am trying to change video autoplay options to “disable”. However, everytime I click that setting in Settings, Brave closes the entire browser and all windows.

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Hello – thank you for reaching out to us.
This is actually a known issue that the team is working on presently:

Resolved in the latest update, which was released a few hours ago.

Why do I not have an update link for it then?

What link? Open brave://settings/help, that will trigger an update check.

Thank you. I was referring to the fact that normally I get a notification on Brave when there is an update, but had not after you sent this. However, the issue is fixed - though I do have other problems with Brave as well (badly lagging). I’ll look for help on that.