Brave closes/crashes instantly when opening

I only have windows defender enabled but, disabling real-time protection doesn’t fix the issue.

im pretty sure its the new windows update since firefox isnt working either after the update

Which KB windows update is causing it? W10 or W11?

it was Windows 10 that caused this

which was the last update?

This also happened right before the update.

It worked before December 16th.

Ok so after uninstalling the update brave started working for 3 seconds and then crash again and now it wont even start at all

Does a clean profile %userprofile%\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware Just rename Brave-Browser folder. Which will start Brave from a clean profile.

nope, didnt work. This is quite a hassle

What shows %HOMEPATH%\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data\Crashpad\reports any crash reports?

No I already searched it for another thread. last one is unrelated 5 months ago.

Nope, no reports. This looks like this is happening to a lot of users so maybe brave should do something about this?

Does Chrome break also?

Chrome works but brave and firefox stopped working. Seems like firefox is also breaking for other users in this thread

I am having the issue on W11 with the 22000.376 co_release build (KB5008215 I think). I’m unsure if Firefox is having the same issue because I don’t have it installed but, edge and chrome work.

Edit: Firefox isn’t working two! They just kinda close because for a moment I can see the Firefox homepage and after I installed Firefox it opened for 3 seconds then closed.

Gif of me trying to open both of them:

Still investigating. If you create a new windows user (and login into that) and launch Brave/Firefox from that, does it change anything?

Also force close every application in the system tray.

Damm, at this point I would just clean install windows.
99% issue fixed
1% the issue persist(should we expect anything else from windows?)

Gonna try to avoid that.

a user on reddit said it fixed the issue by renaming the brave .exe file.

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