Brave closes/crashes instantly when opening

@Basically @Flamangi @ItsWasowski have you tried disabling hardware acceleration?

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what is that? im new to this stuff, srry

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im not sure, dont know how to do that


I tried with the instructions in this post Brave closes/crash when i open it - #9 by Mattches

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Still having the same issues as everybody else. This started happening yesterday after a new windows update had downloaded. I’ve tried every fix so far, nothing has been working.

Chrome is the only browser that works for me, besides edge. I don’t even think firefox works.

Edit: Gurantee it’s a windows problem since brave isn’t the only one being affected. May need to further this to microsoft.

no it doesn’t work at all

I have tried Disabling Hware Accel and it still just closes instanlty

Im having the same issue from 18th Dec, is there anyway you devs can resolve this asap pls

This is bcos of the new updated ver for sure, cos i can run brave in my mac which still hasnt upgraded to the latest version!

I have 3 of these threads open trying to fix it hope there is a solution soon.

I’m also having the same issue. It started yesterday after Windows updated and I have tried everything in this thread. I hope the issue is resolved soon.

me 2 man, hope the devs do something. “WITH A GREAT BROWSER COMES GREAT RESPONSIBILITIES” =/

Does Brave Beta or Brave Nightly make a difference?

Nope, have tried both multiple times.

same here, everything besides brave is working fine

Happening to me too, brave does not work but chrome does.

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Yep tried both did nothing.

Which antivirus software is being used?

I think i just got Malwarebytes and the windows is always there.

Does disabling malware bytes help? (and its browser extensions)