BRave Clear History on Exit


This feature doesn’t seem to be working for me at the moment. Any ideas on a fix

@Rory09347900 ,

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  • Bug Reporting Template - Desktop.

Description of the issue:
Generally when I use to exit the brave browser, for example closing the computer or brave browser down it would clear all cookies, login, and search history. But at the moment I have noticed that it isn’t doing it. I haven’t willing changed any settings.

Reproduces how often:
Every time i shut down

Brave Version:

Computing device and its OS:
Windows 11

I am using a VPN, NordVPN


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Thank you for the additional information. I’m curious if you close the browser before shutting down your PC whether or not data gets cleared? Testing on my end this seems to still be working without issue


First: By experience I use the following extension to decide what cookies to delete or to leave.

Second: From what I know it is not allowed to use a VPN in Brave Browser while collecting ads for the BAT.

Thanks for the reply, it use to work when just closing the browser down but not anymore. Not sure what has happened or what has changed

Just to clarify — do you have Brave set to Continue where you left off when you reopen the browser? if so, any tabs/sites that you are reopening the browser to will be reloaded in history. So are you saying that all History remains uncleared after exiting the browser?

I have it set that on Start Up it, Open the New Tab Page.

Yes all history, log in etc remains uncleared after exiting the browser.

You don’t by chance have the flag #destroy-profile-on-browser-close enabled do you?

I dont but i have turned off all my extension and gone through them one by one. And found the problem.

Thank you for all your help

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