Brave (Chrome plugin) to block ads and earn rewards on other browsers

I’d like to request a to make a Brave Browsers (Chrome / Safari plugin) that just blocks ads and also earns BAT just like using Brave natively does.

This would give SO more exposure to Brave to those not using Brave, with reward incentives to use the plugin versus just blocking ads with competing adblockers.

You can use adblocker extension like Ublock-origin, adguard etc to block ads on other browser.

But, you cannot have brave rewards plugin, where you can see ads and get BAT on chrome/safari. The thing is, brave ads work only client side (user side) practically for everything for privacy of users. Meaning that ads served user side, catalog of ads are sent user-side. ad-matching of these catalogues is done user side, attribution of ads seen is done user side, payment is done user side etc. Extensions can only work on browser with selected API’s given by the browser. That is why you cannot run brave ads on safari as there are no extension API for it, and user side programming will not be possible.