Brave charge 24 bats for auto contribution i did not want to contribute how i get my bats back?

after two month investing long hour to get the bat token plus i bought 30 dolars from my money i invest in more bats yesterday brave charge 25 bats for auto contribution all my computer has that thin off but i did not know they will take my hard worked token from me for any reason . ok now i want my token money back how can i get it back? i think brave has that issue as a bait for take people money without they know it cause i know i am not the only one , they took just from me 25 token that is now about 30 dollar imagine in millions of people , that charge auto controbution without know it is a bait to still millions of dollars , ok again how i get my money back?

I’ve experienced this as well but i was not able to get any help and I can’t even remember which computer the contribution was on. I tried to email the link with the transaction id from uphold to brave but nobody responded to me. I think they assume its the users fault for not disabling the setting. I am not sure. Whatever they do here I am interested which is why I am replying. Sorry I could not help solve the problem.

that a bait , that auto thin should be off by default , they stilling millions that way , cause the money they took from me were not from clicking adds that money i bought 30 dollars in bat token , if were from the bats they pay for adds may be won hurt me that much but is my own money plus i use the uphold card to pay gas and others to go to my cancer treatment , the litter money i made in cripto is use for pay a bit for my cancer treatment expenses , i dont ask people for money like others do in my position , i want to ern my medical expenses , but i will keep trying to get my money back , no matter take months but , i won let them still my money ,

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