Brave change zoom with crtl + D

hello, my brave change the zoom to 80% when I press crtl + D to add a site to favorites.
its very annoying. how can I prevent that?

windows 7, portrait mode.

Hi @cimerio, Welcome to Community!
What happens if you keep pressing CTRL+D? Does the zoom keep going out or does it reset?
Also does the site get added to your bookmarks even with the zoom issue?

Can you try creating a new profile and seeing if the issue persists?
Click on the menu icon in the top right corner > create a new profile.

Aa-ron, if I keep pressed, the zoom keep going out: 90%, 80, 70, 60%, until 25% (minimum)
yes, the site get added. the issue ocasionally doesn’t occur, but almost always.
the brave sometimes have other issues: doesn’t maintain context menu with 1 right button click (I need keep pressing the mouse or the context menu blink and disappear).
maybe it is due to portrait mode, maybe to windows 7 (outdated)
the truth iis that the alternative browsers have many bugs with keyboard and mouses. the vivald is a catastrophe. brave is more stable, but only the “big browsers” doesn’t present these bugs (edge, opera, chrome).
unfortunately, because we need alternatives, but…

Can you confirm if the issue persists in a new profile ?

I owe you an apologize.
the problem was my mouse.
Were not bug or profile