Brave causing problems with LastPass

So Brave is causing tons of issues with LastPass.

They are blaming everything on Brave & at least one issue (I haven’t checked them all) is only a Brave issue.

My computer restarts & I’m logged out of LP. On Chrome that doesn’t happen.

I never had these problems before.

P.S. I don’t understand what you did with the windows tag when creating a post.

I’ve been using it for years & now you say it can’t be used, then why do you still have it as an option?

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I’ve used Lastpass previously, Its just treated like Chrome. Blaming Brave is just an easy target. Nothing stopping Lastpass working on Brave, like any other password manager.

I have similar problems: Whenever I close Brave and restart the browser I am logged out of LastPass. I followed the advice to disable the “Share log in state between browsers” option in the LP extension. This does not help.
Chrome in contrast works without problems.
And both browsers are freshly installed on a fresh installation of Ubuntu Studio 24.04 Linux.

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So let me get this straight.

You’ve used LP in the past while I use it every single day since 2009 & you are telling me you are right & I’m wrong AND it’s working fine on Chrome, but it’s not Brave, it’s me lying.


So it’s not working even on Linux?

I love how brave worshipers always blame me for Brave issues.

Thanks for chiming in to prove it’s not just me.

I don’t have my masterpass handy; but I got up to the install option. And unlocking the account sent to my email

What exactly is the issue? Not a last pass user here, I can re-create a new account since I misplaced my master password. But on the surface it looks fine so far.

I stated what the problem was or at least the problem that isn’t happening on Chrome is.

I’ll repeat.

"My computer restarts & I’m logged out of LP. On Chrome that doesn’t happen.

I never had these problems before."

This has nothing to do with logging in or installing LP.

Have Logged in, and its not restarting the PC, maybe its unrelated to LP. Maybe scan for malware or check that its not overheating/unstable overclock/buggy ram.

Could always confirm by installing LP/Brave on a different PC to confirm thats this is the case.

They’re saying that:

  1. They’re logged into LastPass in Brave
  2. THEY restart their own computer, on purpose.
  3. When they open Brave again, they are logged out of LastPass.
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Ok, you said something that I need to ask about. My computer has been crashing, so I’m not restarting it myself, does that matter?

But all of my other extensions are loaded and on Chrome it’s logged in.


That’s possible, I just closed Brave and re-opened, and LastPass is still logged in. That said, I thought I had seen the same behavior as you previously after a Brave update (and restart), but it definitely isn’t happening at the moment (on MacOS).

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I am using this PC many time a week:
Win 10
Nord VPN

I am experiencing zero problems.

I’m on Win 7 & yes, I’ve had this problem before so I do think it’s an update issue, but I’m not on the latest version because they won’t let me be.