Brave causing constant "changes not made" popups

Okay, it started happening on Chrome too but it took at least 1-2 hours. I’m still able to download on Chrome though, not on Brave.

I’ve contacted Odysee again to hopefully get them to fix it. I’m going to test it on Fx.

I’ll be in touch. Sorry & thanks


So after blaming Odysee for over a week now, it turns out that it’s BRAVE doing this (sigh)

I went to test it on Chrome & I don’t have these issues & yes, shields are down because I’m on Odysee every day working. And this never happened before.

I keep getting this popup warning me that I haven’t saved changes when there’s nothing to save. No text field, nothing.

It happens when I X out of a video that’s playing & It happens when I’m on a search page of theirs like this -$/search?q=ANGELO%20JOHN%20GAGE Actually I’m not on the page, I’m in a different tab & then the computer drags me back to that tab with the popup. I even tried deleted the text from the search field to see if that would stop it & it didn’t…

There’s more different examples, but I can’t remember what they are now because I think they stopped once I restarted.

I even restarted my computer & while it’s happening less, it’s still happening.

Actually it just happened again so I have another example. the tab has a video that’s paused & it just happened. Dragged me over there.

I thought it had something to do with tab suspender, that the extension was trying to suspend the tab, but just now I went to that tab & it wasn’t suspended at all. And I have tab suspender on Chrome so there’s that.

Ok, another example. I go to download a video (under the 3 dots) and it brings it up then.

Please fix this ASAP. I can’t work like this. I need to be able to DL videos.


Try in private window mode, no extensions enabled. I didn’t see any “Changes no made” from this site, download an mp4, but saw no warning from the site, evening closing the tab.

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