Brave causing characters moving on its own in games

Hello Community,

I’m having massive problems when I play games like Valorant or PUBG. Now you may think, why do I post this in the brave community?
The problem is, when I’m ingame my characters move on their own even if I don’t press any keys. This also happens sometimes when I just move my mouse, then the character moves like I’d press the WASD-Keys. Also sometimes my Corsair K70 TKL disconnects or isn’t showing the right RGB-Colors (looks like the iCUE driver is crashing but it doesn’t).
It also looks like my games are lagging but my ping is good and I don’t have package loss.

This is happening since a month now.

I had a hard time finding the cause of this problem but everything worked fine after I killed the brave tasks (also the BraveUpdate.exe) in task manager. When I started brave again, all the problems came back.
Brave hardware acceleration is off since it caused YouTube thumbnails to not be displayed.

My hardware is not the problem.
i7-7700k @5Ghz
32Gb RAM @3000Mhz
and I only have M2.SSDs.

Yes, I have a controller but its wireless and this also happens when its turned off/disconnected.

Is anyone else having this problem? I couldn’t find any other threads in the internet or in the communitys of the mentioned games.

Hello @j0nes, thank you for reaching us out. I do not think this is related to Brave but can you please answer the following questions so we can further investigate the issue:

2 - Have you updated to the latest Brave version? If this is a desktop computer found at brave://version) to download the most recent one (

3 - A screenshot of the issue (if possible).

Besides could you please try this setting: Going to brave://flags > Search 'Vulkan' > Disable Vulkan > Retestgoing to brave://flags > Search 'Vulkan' > Disable Vulkan > Retest

Let us know what is the outcome of this. Regards.

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Hello again,

well, it seems you’re right. It’s not related to brave. My keyboard had an internal bug or something but this had a huge impact on my whole PC.
One day I closed brave and could play the whole evening without any problems, that’s why I opened this thread but it seems like it was very random and killing the brave task only helped me once on that day.
Thank you anyway for trying to help me!

Hello @j0nes, possibly that may be the issue. You are welcome and if you have any other concern we will be more than happy to assist you. Regards.

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