Brave 'Card With Preview' Slow Compared to Vivaldi 'Show Popup Thumbnails'

Brave’s ‘Tab’ > ‘Tab hover mode’ > ‘Card with preview’ setting takes a few seconds before the preview loads. Even on a fast computer with few browser tabs open. A black/gray circle appears, then the tab preview loads. Brave’s slow load time makes this feature far less useful compared to Vivaldi’s implementation.

Vivaldi’s ’Tab’s’ > ’Tab Display’ > ’Show Popup Thumbnails’ setting shows the thumbnails instantly, allowing for quickly moving a mouse past many tab thumbnails to determine which tab is correct.

Feature Request: Make Brave’s ‘Tab’ > ‘Tab hover mode’ > 'Card with preview’ setting show browser tabs instantly. Similar to (or even better than) Vivaldi’s instant speed for their similar feature to show popup thumbnails.