Brave captcha and connection to uphold still not working


Hi there,

How are you doing?

So do you remember I started a thread on this last year I think it was?

You said you were going to fix it down the road, but it still doesn’t work.

It still doesn’t recognize when I drag the icon to the right shape & it still says “Uohh, it didn’t connect to your wallet.”

Does this mean I’m not getting the BAT?


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So to start – we do not pay in BTC, but BAT. I’m assuming you are aware of that though :slight_smile:

Is this happening right now? If so, can you please take a screenshot of the error message that occurs after you attempt to complete the captcha? Bonus points for a short recording of the process.

Sorry, I corrected it LOL

Well I don’t know if it’s going to happen again as I already did it on 2 profiles (I think).

I’ll try to remember again the next time I launch a new profile. I may forget. But yes, it just happened a few minutes before I created this thread.


And this is with an unverified wallet, is that correct?

No, my wallet has always been verified.

You mean in Uphold, right?

If yes, my account is completely verified.

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So there’s a disconnect here somewhere – you should only have to complete captcha verification for unverified wallets. Verified wallets will have funds automatically deposited into their custodial account (Uphold, Gemini, etc).

So I’m quite curious as to why you’re seeing the captcha prompt at all if your wallet is verified?

No clue. It pops up after the 1st of every month whenever I open a new tab on one of my profiles.

I had no idea it shouldn’t be popping up.

Can you please send me your wallet payment ID, found on your brave://rewards-internals page? I’d like to take a closer look at the linkage between your Uphold account and browser wallet.

Also, have you eversuccessfully claimed this way before with your verified wallet and if so, did the money go to Uphold?

Ok, I just PMed that to you.

It does say disconnected, but verified, so that’s strange, right?

As for your last question, I’m really not sure. I think a long time ago once or twice it did work, but every time after that it didn’t.

And I have no idea if the money went to Uphold. Would it have gone there right away after doing the captcha?

Since it never gives me the amounts I’m supposed to get, there’s no way to verify I don’t think.


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